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Detailing is our passion! Since 2005, Sharp Detail has provided professional and personalized car detailing services for all types of vehicles: car, truck, and SUV. Our three tried, proven, and tested car detailing packages will add up to months of protection, both interior and exterior of your vehicle surface against all elements. 16 years later, our team of detailing experts is still consistently providing top-notch service. We take satisfaction in our reputation for excellent customer service and workmanship.

Through our quick and seamless booking system, you can get your car detailed anytime, anywhere in Fairfax Va or Ashburn Va, giving you the convenience, you want without having to leave home or office and get the car care you need right in front of your doorstep. Whether your car is old or new, we'll ensure it gets the treatment it deserves.

We are the most trusted car detailing in Gaithersburg Md that guarantee quality. Restoring and maintaining old or new, you can trust us with all your car detailing needs. With the latest equipment and attention to detail, you can count on us to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Call us or book straight from our website!

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Gaithersburg, Md, is a great place to live. It has great outdoor experiences and art in every corner. There are plenty more places than usual worth checking out from restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers. With so many things to do, you'll need an efficient car to get around quickly, so make sure your engine works smoothly before leaving! That's where Sharp Detail comes in.

Suppose you have been washing your car regularly since the covid pandemic started - good for you! But even with regular washes, your car may be starting to look a little bit dull. That's where car detailing comes in. Car detailing can restore your car's shine in and out and make it look new again. Our highest quality product will help restore your car's look and functionality that will help it last for years to come.

At Sharp, we are committed to providing top-notch auto Detailing Gaithersburg Md to make your car look sharp again. Our certified and insured detailing technician will ensure your car gets the protection it deserves against all elements that impact on car’s longevity. Anytime, you can rest assured that your vehicle will remain protected long after our detailed service.

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We recently completed an interior detail for an elderly gentleman near Gaithersburg High School. As a first-time customer, he received a $25 discount on the service. Our meticulous cleaning process transformed his truck's interior, removing all dust and dirt from the leather and carpets. We take pride in delivering exceptional results and serving customers in Gaithersburg and the surrounding areas.

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This car required comprehensive odor removal and exterior detailing, as it had stubborn permanent spots. However, our skilled team successfully eliminated the spots entirely, restoring the vehicle's pristine appearance. The client expressed great satisfaction with our work and provided valuable feedback on our services. We greatly appreciate their input, which helps us improve our listings and better serve our customers.

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We performed a thorough vacuuming and steam cleaning of the seats and trunk, ensuring a deep and effective cleaning. Additionally, we meticulously hand-washed the undercarriage, wheels, and rims, paying close attention to detail. To enhance the overall look and feel, we applied a leather conditioning treatment and conducted an odor removal process. Our dedicated efforts resulted in seats and trunk that are impeccably clean, while the undercarriage, wheels, and rims showcase a polished and pristine appearance.

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